All you ever wanted to know about me (or not, but if you do have a question, my email address is below):

+ When I grow up, I want to be an amazing portrait/wedding/engagement photographer 🙂

+ I live in the Los Angeles area

+ How I like my photos: outdoors. natural light. lots of laughs. in the moment.

+ When I need to be inspired, amazed, or motivated, I visit the blogs of these photographers:

Jasmine Star

Jennifer Skog

White Haute


Duke Photography

Furious Photographers

Welcome and enjoy!

Please email me for more information: candyphoto [at] yahoo [dot] com


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Candice Carre thank you so much for everything on the photoshoot a few months ago!!! You are the best!!!

    I have been trying to get in touch with you for a very long time and missed place your phone number!!! Please contact me at 818 470-5175! I hopefully have a job opportunity for you!!

    Thanks again!!
    Shannon (Calimas Salon & Spa)

  2. Girl you rock my world and I’ll happily be your assistant anytime. You have a great eye for this sh*t…so keep it up!

  3. Hey Candice,
    it’s me Deedee Sawanda said you would be available early next year so plese keep me in mind i really want you to do my pics. I am with this talent agency & i want to have some nice pics on hand.

  4. Hi Candice!
    Wow, your pictures are beautiful. I had know idea you were also a great photographer.
    My fiancee is concerned about us hiring a photographer who believes in good lighting. We have many shades of people of color in our wedding and we want to make sure that everyone looks wonderful in our pictures. We want someone who can capture beautiful portraits as well as take pictures that have more of a photo-journalistic vibe.

    Can we set up some time to meet with you and look at some more of your work and discuss pricing?

    So excited!


  5. Hi Sawanda said we went to shol together at Mt. Vernon anyway I love your work and would love for you to do some pics for me and my family. can you email or call so we can talk pricing
    Leilani Nagano Bellows

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