Jeff & Lindsey | Married Part One

I met Jeff back in college when he practically lived in sandals and regularly grew out his facial hair. Now that we are “adults,” he is now a very clean cut Jeff. At his wedding this past weekend, I laughed along with everyone else. And I would have probably cried along with everyone else if I hadn’t had so much practice holding back tears at weddings! I was extremely happy to meet his beautiful new wife and to be able to share in their special day!


5 thoughts on “Jeff & Lindsey | Married Part One

  1. What great pics so far. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pics they
    could be on a cover of bridal magazine. You did a great job

  2. Candice you are amazing! Thank you for being the best photographer we could have asked for. Thank you for being flexible for our circumstances and thank you for capturing all of these wonderful moments of our special day. These pictures are beautiful and you are really fantastic. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
    Love – Jeff & Lindsey

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