New York 2010

So leading up to my NY trip, it was nice and sunny. Then I arrive and I get four days of nonstop rain… And of course, the sun decided to come back out the day after I leave. Didn’t stop me from grabbing some snapshots with my favorite point and shoot camera.

At the MOMA, realizing we don’t have enough people to do the YMCA.

The “how to hold an umbrella” series presented by Raju.

The Danish guy starts off with the classic “over the shoulder” look.

Ever the practical one, I model the “my umbrella has an umbrella” look.

This one had a minor disagreement with her umbrella partner right before this picture was taken.. Her umbrella pose was amazing though. AMAZING. Too bad it will never be seen.

Lastly, Erin demonstrates the modern “un-umbrella” look.

Enjoying our umbrella’s in a random dark alley. Isn’t that one all tourists do?

We did take some time off from playing with umbrella’s to sample the bars before leaving New York while sticking our heads out the window. Again.. don’t all tourists do that?


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