Post-Thanksgiving Post

No, I’m not going to go over my list of people and things I am thankful for because that list would just be way too long. Instead, I am going to share my Thanksgiving dinner. I had none of the traditional stuff… turkey, stuffing, greens, etc. Since it was just me and my immediate family (aka my mom), I decided to make some of my favorite foods! And I’m going to take a page from fancy restaurants and give my Thanksgiving menu items some creative names – maybe the names make the food taste better. So I had…

Italian herb encrusted chicken stuffed with cheeses  |  Roasted sweet potatoes with an orange liqueur glaze  | Pan-fried plantains and yellow bell peppers  |  Roasted asparagus with an olive oil drizzle  🙂

I can’t resist posting a picture I took of a menu at some high class bar in Vancouver:

Smoked mackerel sour cream? Warm bacon vinaigrette? Chorizo froth? A bit too creative.


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