In just a few more months, Sawanda is welcoming her first baby into the world. She wanted a photoshoot to capture her last weeks of pregnancy. And not one to let anything stop her, much less a baby in her belly, she even had 2 wardrobe changes as we raced against the sunset!





The little man’s first close up. 🙂


During these next couple of shots, her husband was a little perplexed as to why I had her lying in grass and posing in trees. Obviously he didn’t see my vision! 🙂




Next up, it was time to break out the trench coat and fedora for some Sawanda Fierce shots…





We couldn’t leave her hubby out. Afterall, he did have a part in making the baby. So, last but not least, my favorite shot of the two of them together.



5 thoughts on “Sawanda

  1. Hey, Candice I love my pics. I can’t stop looking at them.Everyone thinks you did an incredible job. JR loves them too, and he’s a tough critic, lol.My Aunt said the pics made her eyes water. Thanks again, I look forward to more pics once the baby’s here.

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  3. Hey, candice you are a natural I love the pictures you seem to bring out all the natural beauty for everyone to see. thanks for another awesome!awesome! job on my oldest baby girl!,so next it will be moms turn, let’s see what you can do for me.:-) Much Love

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