Niloo’s Portland Anniversary

In honor of Niloo’s 25th birthday anniversary, me and a couple of other girls joined her in her current home of Portland for some wine tasting and sightseeing.




We stayed at a BEAUTIFUL hotel called The Nines… the decor was amazing, the staff members were amazing, the food was amazing. Pretty much everything about the place was perfect (except maybe for the $32 valet parking fee). The staff even sneaks in at some point in the evening to fill up your bucket with ice, take all of the decorative pillows off of the beds for you, turn on some music, and leave little muffins. Yummy, buttery, muffins. 🙂




Our last morning in Portland, I ordered the cider waffles with carmelized apples and bananas for breakfast. We ate at the Urban Farmer which is the restaurant in the hotel. We had eaten both a lunch (above) and dinner there and we were in love. On this particular morning, I was in lust with these waffles – best waffles of my life! One of the girls put it best: the food there is like an orgasm in your mouth.


I have more images of our adventures in Oregon, but those will have to wait for an Oregon Part Deux post!


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