Going into this shoot, I was nervous that Lucas would not take well to having a stranger following him around with a camera. Lucky for me, he did well. He pretty much ignored me and my camera, even when I was thisclose to his face. He would be great on a reality show. He was more into the sand, the waves, the random objects in the sand, his toy truck… His parents even tried making monkey noises and doing jumping jacks while standing behind me to try and get him to look my way. But, I apparently found it more entertaining than he did. I (quietly, so that I didn’t look that unprofessional) chuckled the whole time. Still, there were plenty of those “YES!” moments when he looked straight into the camera and took the most adorable shots!

It is too hard to pick my favorite photos because I love all of them. But, I tried my best with the following photos of Lucas and his beautiful parents.


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