What I Loved About N.O.

In no particular order with the exception of #1:

1. The food. Crawfish, shrimp, crab, gumbo, jambalaya, pecan pie, beignets…what more could I ask for. I even tried rabbit and alligator for the first time and they were delicious!
2. Music is everywhere. Bands just appear out of nowhere. Literally. They get together on Bourbon Street. They march down the aisles of the Harrah’s casino. And just about every food spot has one.
3. The beautiful details in the architecture.
4. Whimsical decor. Here is one balcony I loved.

Balcony with piano keys

5. Bourbon Street at night. You can pretty much come as you are and have a great time. There were the couples crazy enough to bring their kids with them. There was the ‘club’ advertising women impersonators that look “prettier than real women.” And there was the tiny woman who told our group: “Are y’all going for the Saints? If y’all ain’t going for the Saints, then y’all need to go right back home,” in one of the thickest N.O. accents I heard down there. I thought about telling her the only thing I know about the Saints is that Reggie Bush is dating Kim Kardashian. Instead, I told her I LOVED the Saints.
6. The retirement crowd on the Bourbon Street balconies. Thursday night I decided to take a look up and see just who was slinging those beads at the flashers. And everyone up there was old enough to be my grandparent! That inspired me to add something to my life list: When I hit 62, I am heading to Bourbon Street to try and get flashed by a hot 20-something year old guy.
7. The bayous. So peaceful. So full of wildlife.

Bayou trees


8. Humidity. This was more of a love/hate relationship. Feeling like you are in a sauna ALL THE TIME is not fun. However the 80%+ humidity was such a great natural moisturizer! (That’s me seeing the silver lining in EVERYTHING).
9. The eerie elegance of the cemeteries. I went on a tour of the oldest cemetery in New Orleans, Saint Louis #1. The first shot is that of the alleged grave of a voodoo queen. Hence the offerings of money, beer and water 🙂

Voodoo queen grave site

Grave site

Collage of cemetery

10. The fact that everything is named after me… Maybe that’s an exaggeration. But my last name was all over! Here is a sign below in the French Quarter (also known as the Vieux Carre which translates to ‘Old Square’).

Vieux Carre sign

Here’s one last picture collage of the lovely New Orleans.

NO Collage


One thought on “What I Loved About N.O.

  1. Candice captures the essence of the moment; Candice takes great pictures and adds the words to make an incredible piece of art.

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