In New Orleans

You: “So, what are you going to New Orleans for?”

Me: “To eat.”

Last night, I had jambalaya, seafood gumbo, crawfish cakes, and tried some deep-fried alligator. This is seriously heaven on earth! Watch the video below for a sneak preview of what I will look like in 5 days – pay no attention to the radioactive part.

Click here for video

I also tried (“the formerly illegal, but now back in a more diluted form” drink) absinthe. The drink that allegedly made Jack the Ripper crazy, inspired Edgar Allen Poe to write his stories, and made people see little green fairies in “Moulin Rouge.”

Flickr photo of absinthe

Drunken Monkey

I am still sane (at least as sane as I was before), haven’t written any masterpieces (unless you want to count this post), and did not see any fairies (at least not while awake…I think). It could be because I couldn’t finish my glass. That was definitely my first and last time trying absinthe!

**For lifeinthesack: The absinthe was disgusting! I didn’t pay much attention when our bartender explained the different brands so I could not tell you what was in it. And…the fried alligator was yummy!


One thought on “In New Orleans

  1. what was the absinthe you tried like? i’ve heard mixed reviews. do you know if it contained wormwood. Also i’m a little obsessed with New Orleans. Did you like the fried alligator?

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