My 25th Birthday in Vegas

1. Stay in a suite bigger than my apartment – CHECK

2. Don’t come back to the hotel until sunrise – CHECK

3. Eat my heart out at a buffet – CHECK

4. Avoid being arrested – CHECK

5. Win big at a casino – NOT SO MUCH. I did play a little roulette. I started off not so great. But then the ball bounced out of the spinning wheel and hit me in the face. And everyone left the table so I was playing alone. Apparently, these were my lucky charms because my streak started. I even attracted a small audience. An audience who must have not know I was only playing with $1 chips! Unfortunately, my streak started just as it was time to go 😦 . In the end, I left Vegas a whopping $31 richer.

A couple of shots from the long weekend…

The Strip

My new best friends

Ene, Yandy, and Ryan

Sunrise on my birthday…and our bedtime!

The end. There will be more tomorrow of a certain someone and her AMAZING Vegas performance.

Thank you Ene, Ryan and Yandy for a lovely 25th!


2 thoughts on “My 25th Birthday in Vegas

  1. It was the best time ever! Never forget this trip, the non-stop partying the kingscup, the singing! All video is for sale by the way! lol. Lets do this every year!!

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